i2i's In-Home Test Prep brings experiences tutors to your door.

Our experienced tutors will travel to your home, local library, or any location convenient to you to ensure that you get the best test prep available, with the least wasted travel time.


i2i's tutors will raise your test scores in 50-75% less time than our leading competitors, saving you time and expense.

1.5 hour Sessions


i2i provides you with an experienced tutor who communicates with you and guides you one-on-one through every session.


I2i guides you through practice content that simulates taking the actual SAT, so you can see how your performance stacks up against the actual test and watch as your results and scores improve.


You get individual feedback and personalized advice on every practice you complete. No generic suggestions or test tricks. 


i2i guarantees that you will reach your score goal, and we'll find a solution to help make your goals achievable.


 Our tutors can meet with you just about anywhere - such as at your home or a library - meaning less travel time for you, and less stress added to your schedule.


Our tutors are available on a much more flexible schedule than center-based staff, so we can work with you virtually around the clock to find meeting times that are compatible with your schedule.


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