i2i Learning Spaces

  • safe, socially-distanced space for students to complete their distance learning

  • trained tutors on hand to provide general subject assistance 

  • limited spaces available now

Students may not be able to physically return to school this fall, but that doesn't mean they have to be stuck at home.

i2i Learning Spaces give students an opportunity to get out of the house and complete their online distance learning in a clean, safe, socially-distanced work space, with an on-site tutor to offer guidance and general academic assistance. 

Rate for single-hour evening sessions at Arena Club starts at $50/per hour

What is a
Learning Space?

i2i Learning Spaces are safe, socially-distanced spaces where students get an out of home location to complete their distance learning and a skilled, on-site tutor to assist them with general subject questions.

Think of Learning Spaces as guided co-working spaces for middle school and high school students. 

What are the main benefits of using a Learning Space?

  • Students have a place to go during the day where they are  focused on work

  • Being among peers, while still socially-distanced, helps return students to a sense of normalcy 

  • Students have access to high-speed Internet and a skilled tutor who can assist them with distance learning challenges

  • Working parents know that their children will be in a work-focused, safe environment

  • Reservations are flexible - you can reserve space for full days or half days, for full weeks or for single days

Are Learning
Spaces safe?

All Learning Spaces will strictly adhere to state and CDC guidelines regarding social distancing, sanitizing, and mask requirements.

  • All staff and students are required to wear masks at all times

  • Social distancing is enforced through assigned seating - students will always maintain six feet of distance from one another. 

  • All seating locations are sanitized between each use. 

Frequently asked questions

What precautions are taken to prevent exposure to the coronoa virus?

All students at i2i Learning Spaces are required to wear masks. Students are separated from other participants by 6 feet or more, and given their own table, desk, or equivalent work space. All work spaces are thoroughly disinfected in between uses.

How much does it cost to reserve a spot?

Current pricing is estimated to start at $39 per day for a 7:30am-2pm reserved spot, with slots available Mon-Fri. Substantial discounts are available for purchasing packages of 10 and 20 days. One-hour evening sessions at Arena Club start at $50/hour, per student.

How can I sign up?

Reservations are currently available, but space is limited. To make your first reservation, complete the form at the bottom of this page and i2i will contact you to process payment and reserve your space.

Who's eligible to reserve a seat in a Learning Space?

Learning Spaces are open for students in middle school and high school.

Where are the Learning Spaces located?

Check our map on this page for the latest list of Learning Space locations. We will be adding additional locations as needed to meet demand.

What time slots are available?

i2i offers daytime reservations that coincide with Harford County's high school synchronous learning blocks, afternoon sessions, and evening sessions. Time slot availability will vary by location - some Learning Spaces will have sessions available throughout the day, others may only host daytime or evening sessions. See our location list for more information.

What about lunch and other amenities?

Students are welcome to bring lunches to daytime and afternoon sessions, or to purchase food from nearby or from on-site services, depending on what's available at each Learning Space. See each location for more information about on-site amenities and nearby services.

Do I have to reserve space every day?

No, you can customize your reservations for as many days as you need per week. For instance, if you want to reserve 3 days this week but only one day next week, that's perfectly fine. You can also split your time into half-days if that's a better fit for your class schedule.

i2i Learning Spaces Locations 

7:30am-2pm, Mon-Fri
Afternoon and evening sessions
available upon request

5:30, 6:30, 7:30, Mon-Fri

Evening sessions are  1-hour slots for assistance with distance learning work

7:30am-2pm, Mon-Fri  
Afternoon and evening sessions 
available upon request


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