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Should I take the ACT and SAT at the same time?

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

One question that many students are faced with when it comes college planning time is: Should I take both the SAT and ACT?

Unfortunately there are tutoring programs out there that will wholeheartedly encourage you to do both and sign you up for double the hours and double the tuition.

This is a total waste.

If a school accepts the SAT, then they most likely accept the ACT. Contrary to popular opinion that I hear from many people and guidance counselors, the ACT is not easier than the SAT. As I covered in a previous blog, if a student walks in blindly to take the ACT and SAT back to back, the vast majority will score similarly on the two. The main way students increase their score on either test is simply by preparing for it and studying.

The other reason not to prepare for both is because in order for a student to maximize a score, he or she needs to focus on preparing for one. If a student is trying to prepare for both then the attention is divided between two tests, and a whole-hearted focus is not given to either one. In the event that there are students who want to take both tests and achieve high scores on both, then I would recommend studying for each one separately.

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