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If you got a low score on your SAT, here are 3 tips for next time

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I got a low score - what can I do now?

If you just got your June 2019 score back and it’s lower than expected, you might be wondering what your next steps are. For rising seniors time is running short to improve SAT scores before sending applications off to prospective colleges. Here are some options to consider as you plan:

  • Take the SAT in August: The next SAT is on Saturday August 24th. The scores are released in September, which is plenty of time for college applications, and enough time to take another test if needed. After August, the SAT is offered again in October, November, and December. If applying regular decision many students can take the SATs all the way through the December date. If applying under early decision then October is typically the last time you can take the SAT.

  • Develop a plan: Many students’ plans to improve their scores consist only of the nebulous idea of “I’m just going to try harder next time and hope for the best.” This is not a plan. Developing a concrete prep plan with tangible steps is key to getting motivated and also tracking progress. For example, if a student needs 100 more points on the test, that could be as simple as getting 10-15 more questions correct than last time, a very doable endeavor with just a little bit of planning. Set a certain number of times to practice and get effective practice material that reflects what you’ll see on the test.

  • Practice: The most important part of improvement is to simply practice and be consistent with that practice. I can’t tell you the number of stories I hear from parents who have kids that swear they’re going to practice and do the work but then do nothing. Practicing consistently at least once a week is an important step to getting real gains. If time is an issue, good one-on-one tutors are almost a must as they can help you navigate the test with more efficiency and guide students to their weak points faster.

Feel free to reach out to i2i Education for a free consultation to see if tutoring is good idea for you or your student, or if independent study is a viable option.

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