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Why the ACT is about to overtake the SAT…

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

The ACT just announced some exciting news that is going to make it the test of choice for many prospective college students. Starting in September 2020, students can selectively retake certain sections of the ACT without having to sit through a whole 4 hours of testing. Hypothetically if a student scored high on 3 sections and not so well on a 4th section then they can retake just that 4th section only and get up and leave. The highest scores of all the sections will then be compiled into a new composite score which will represent the average of all of the student’s highest scoring sections.

The new feature addresses one of the largest complaints about standardized testing which is the prospect of having to sit through and study for an entire ACT/SAT when the student just wanted to focus on a certain portion of the test he or she wants to improve. Conceivably, an ACT retake could now be done in as little as an hour. It has been innovation like this that has been helping the ACT to overtake the SAT in terms of annual test takers. Don’t be surprised if the College Board adopts a similar feature in the near future.

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