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Tutoring support for middle school, 
high school, and college students

Academic success isn't easy, and sometimes you just need a helping hand to help master a challenging subject. No matter what subject you're struggling to master, i2i has a teacher who can help.


No videos, no self-guided practice questions - i2i provides you with a live, experienced teacher who communicates with you and guides you one-on-one through every session


I2i guides you to improve on your day to day classwork as well as long-term comprehension, ensuring lasting increases in performance.


You get real-time feedback and personalized advice on the work you complete. No generic suggestions or checklists.


i2i guarantees that you will reach your academic goals, and we'll keep working with you until those goals are met.


 All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device, and our tutors can connect with you anywhere.


Our remote tutors are available on a much more flexible schedule than center-based staff, so we can work with you virtually around the clock to find meeting times that are compatible with your schedule.

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